It could be worse.

Musings Of An Heteroclite

Have you ever considered death to be an easier option than the cruel reality we live in? Have you gotten to the point where you realise how much you hate your life?

Constantly being told what’s wrong with you and what’s bad about you?

Been told you’re a horrible friend, sister, brother, daughter, son, girlfriend, boyfriend. You’re rude, You’re selfish, You don’t care about God, You’re lazy, laidback, lacking humility, a loner, stupid, fat, ugly etc… ?

Have you had dose after dose of imperfections upon imperfections until all you have left is a big pile of nothing, when your essence is gone and you’re reduced to a shadow of what you used to be?

Have you worked so bloody hard and achieved minimal reward or nothing at all in return? Have you put everything you have into something over and over again only for it to be a wasted…

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