11. Kind Of Love

She doesn’t know what love is but she’s heard
It’s a pain
She doesn’t know what love is but she know
It’s not fractured ribs and bruised surfaces
It’s not using her concealer to hide the broken pieces, to hide away the battered eyes, wounds, pain you given to her all in the name of love

Hoping that her concealer is enough to just slip through the cracks to cello tape years of broken promises
‘Baby I’m sorry’
Baby I just don’t know what happened,
Baby that’s wasn’t me, you know me.
It’s your fault, you push my buttons, and you just make me mad
Baby I’m mad about you!
Baby it’s me and you still the end?
Still the end of what
The end of her

Can’t you see You’ve made it so impossible for her to realise that love
Love doesn’t have to smack you in the face
Love doesn’t have to hurt
Love doesn’t have to puncture your lungs still she mean the words ‘I just can’t live with no air’
Love is not denial; nor is it rinsing her out
She still doesn’t know what love is
She wears her heart on her sleeve
And that’s what breaks her

She’s always trying to see the best side in you
When simply there isn’t one
She tells herself that things will change
But the only change she sees
is the brokenness in her
But she prays for a rainy day
To fill her emptiness
No quantity of makeup, can make up the of anguishing pain you put her through

But she’s the one to look on the brighter side
It’s true what they say ‘Love has no cure’
Because you are the type of solution I know to create a problem
You’re the anecdote to amount to complications
Caressing her into what seemed like tomorrow
But it’s a shame that she doesn’t realise that tomorrow never comes

Her imagination running wild
Floating away like my memories
Speaking of float
Whoever gives a baby a bag full of arrow?
I pronounce them stupid, and deserve a punch in the face
One time for her
One time for me
And one for every other person who has ever been broken all in the name of love
My fist would be fixated on his face
Long enough for him to realise that
I don’t know what love is
But if I ever
Ever do
I never know that kind of love.

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