Kanye on Kris Show

Recently a friend of mine wrote a blog post  (Musings of a Heteroclite ) on the TV talk show ‘Kris’ (Jenner) featuring Kanye West (KW) as the guest, reading it sparked up some thoughts so I thought you know, “ why not write  a post on it” … Now  despite watching keeping up with the Kardashians, I must say I am not fan of Kris, and without her offspring being a part of the show, I was in no way prompt to watch her show, but I watched this episode which by the way I felt was kinda forced but anyways I watched it mainly because Kanye West was on it, and again I for one am not a fan, I think ever since that incident of him walking on stage and being an absolute shithead toward someone else *insert name here*(Taylor Swift if you haven’t  caught on yet) I just stopped being anything close to being a fan! I only liked one song of his… Gold Digger!

Now I have nothing personal against Kris but I’m just not a fan of her methodical parenting ways, and what used to be, well kinda still is her exploiting ways, now her fans will disagree with me on this but it’s my opinion!  To be honest ‘The Kardashians’ is kinda a social controversial topic so whatever comments that comes from this post is to be expected!

Moving on swiftly….

Kris mentioned how people always thought Kanye West (KW) and herself never got on, guilty as charged! I thought so too but apparently that’s not true, came right from the horse’s mouth…  On the other hand, I was gravely surprise and impressed to see how KW composed himself for starters considering prior to interview with Kris I thought they “hated” each other… NOT TRUE GUYS!!!

Smiling makes the biggest difference on anyone face, so you can imagine my confusion every time I see a picture of KW on E! News, on the internet, in a newspaper basically everywhere! He NEVER SMILES! On many occasion I’ve thought to myself ‘maybe he’s allergic to smiling or just brighten up someone’s day’, but again he shared some light on that, he referenced a bully while trying to describe himself so basically ‘you have no reason to smile if every day you get bulled and get your lunch money taken off you, and the same bully comes up to you and asks you to smile’  what he meant was there’s no reason to smile when the people around him are just there to make money off him, the people who causes him not to smile and be happy (Paps) are the same people who ask for a picture and ask why he never smiles; Its patronising! And I do understand where he’s coming from even ‘celebrity’ (I am NOT using this term loosely) should be allowed a certain amount of privacy even if your job means otherwise!

But when he got talking about his family and the new addition into kinfolk, he’s smile grew stretching from ear to ear! At that point I got to watch a different side to Kanye West besides the ‘Hardcore Dalmatian’ I went on to watch the rest of the show learning something new about him as the show drew to a close!

One thing that definitely brought the shock factor was when he said “I’m a Christian! I was at first taken back by this; one thing you should know is I’m not one for Hip Hop! I feel Hip Hop now is dead but I’m not going to get into that, that’s a post for another day! But entitling your album ‘Yeesus’ just don’t sit right by me and comparing yourself to God! Just is a BIG FAT NO NO! You don’t do that, you shouldn’t do that, why did you do that? Stuff like that just makes me think….

However by the end of the show I definitely found some of the missing level of respect for KW, after touching on different aspect of his life, from his lowest point to having found another reason to carry on each day! Kudos to KW for picking himself back up, and well regaining some level of respect from me, not like he will read this but you know, don’t get me wrong still can’t stand his music but the man behind the façade I guess is someone worth knowing!

Writing this post made me realise that it’s unfair to judge people, but still we do it, what can I say we’re humans but at the same time everyone holds their own opinion, and this is mine!  That’s life, everyone gets judged; it’s up to you what you do with those judgements!

Probably sound like a right B****!

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