1. Misunderstood Security

My insecurities will not be a platform for your securities

It will not be a temple to mount your faith on

A bed of a thousand roses for you to lay on

Come sun on a rainy day

Your last leg to win the race

Your strength to build on

A blanket to warm the venomous spit in you

A whiff of strength to fill you to live another day


My insecurities will not be a platform

For you to use to rise to the occasion

A cloth to wrap away your uncertainties

To be hauled through Jerusalem

A target among millions

Aim for my heart and call it bullseye

Clothe to comfort your misery

A voice to sing your lows

A Key to bolt away your unsustainable moments


My insecurities is never a stage

For you to mark as your territory

To use to find your dusty feet

My body to feast your words into

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But never another soul.

Your words seeds into my bones like an easy fleece blanket misunderstood for security


Comfort lacks change

That’s what I used to think

Maybe that’s why I allowed your words to keep boosting my falling into the known

Feels like I have been falling for so long I have forgotten what the soils beneath my shattered bones feel like


Hear me say this

My insecurities is neither a platform nor a stage

Open for a consultation

My form is no consolation

To make a start in gaging the cause of your agitation


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