Trying to be more like a pencil

Musings Of An Heteroclite

The importance of a pencil is often overlooked by the unseeing eye because of it’s simplicity, but an artist will tell you how essential this instrument is in bringing mundane objects to life. As children when we learn how to write we start with a pencil, never once questioning why it’s always with a pencil, but just accepting it. This is because amongst all it’s other qualities, mistakes are easier to correct with pencils than any other instrument.

Pencils have five qualities I’m trying to adapt:

1. I always remember I am capable of great things, but I must never forget that there is a hand guiding me, guiding my steps, this hand is the hand of God, and he will always guide me according to His will.

2. When using a pencil, occasionally it goes blunt, at this point it has to be sharpened. That makes the pencil suffer a…

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