If you’re scared to take chances you’ll never have the answers.

Idea Dibia

I am lazy.

I do not even refute it when people say it; I can sleep in my own pile of clothes, and be hungry when there’s foodstuff in plenty. But I’m always doing something: reading a book or article, listening to music, playing a game, replying e-mails, researching for some new design, chatting ad infinitum, etcetera.

Naturally, this goes against what I’ve planned to do. (Outlined in a previous post: here).

Last week, it occurred to me that I should probably make a plan/schedule. But I suck at following those. Decided to use post-it notes around my room and reminders on my phone.

But I do not think people are just lazy (for the sake of it). I think it is a product of being unsure or skeptical about either what to do or the result of doing the said thing. Your mind plays on you and makes…

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