PILOLOO…(the wisdom in a childhood game)


On days we weren’t tearing the neighborhoods dumpsters apart in search of empty cans and bottle tops to make tin cars,we played “Piloloo”. Its one of my fondest memories of my childhood days growing up in a small coastal town in Ghana, West Africa. Pililoo

it was a hide and seek kind of game, only in this case the hidden things we were to seek were carefully hidden sticks, not human beings so they were much harder to find. i remember the sheer excitement with which we scurried  to hide behind Anabelle’s wall followed gingerly by a  “guard” who’s job was to make sure we didn’t  peep while the “Master” of the game hid the sticks we would be looking for a few second later.

once the sticks were hidden, the “Master”  would shout  as loud as he or she can ,”Piloloooooo!!!”, and that’s when we  would run out of…

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