How to be a FALSE teacher 101.

I haven’t done a weekly favourite in what feels like forever, so in my attempt to celebrate my four year blogging anniversary; I thought ‘why not a cheeky weekly favourite!’. Better still, ‘why not a cheeky weekly poetry favourite!’.

I stumbled upon this poetry piece by Kevin Perry called ‘How to be a False Teacher 101’. It’s about Kevin’s admonishment to careless and manipulative ministers and shepherds of God’s people in a comical, yet convicting way. It has been on a constant replay in my head. Being a Christian myself meant I was unfortunately able to identify with some of the thing he spoke about in terms of my personal experiences and from other people’s ‘testimonies’.

I am in no way, shape or form promoting ‘false teacher-hood or bashing anyone’.

My personal walk with God, the different seasons and my purpose is teaching and shaping me to live a life opposite to that of a false life.

This is NOT the benchmark on which I gauge my honesty, faithfulness or obedience by (I’m rambling now) but honestly, it is an inspiring and convicting piece and I do hope you are not only blessed but encouraged by it.


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