40 Days of Lent: Self Chronicles

Day Eight ❤️

Dear meSober up on yesterday, when 

Your very presence played harlot with your mind 

Rendering your hands as the barren woman who awaits the homecoming of her presence.

Knowing where your presence has been, still 

She calls cite memories of potential and ambition that belongs to you.

Day Seven ❤️

Dear me. You are accounted for.

Woven together in your mother’s womb. Where,

The nights of woman asked to hide you,

Only shines light on every intricate parts. You are,

Complexity for a name,

Your every moment laid out

Even before a single day has passed.

His workmanship is marvellous and your every breath is all that is required.

Day Three ❤️

Dear me,

You’ve survived over two decades now, Long enough to learn of the two rulers in this utopian land;

You will still come to realise their significance and that one will always be greater than the other.

You will get to understand their characters and where you think their flaws lies.

Day Six ❤️

Dear me Dare to live a life in the uncomfortable

Dare to speak volumes of the One you know

Dare to write library for the One you love

Let His truth be a gushing river of enough,

to fill your innermost being.

You are the journalist,

The poet,

The teacher.

The aftermath of the story told.

Day Five ❤️

Dear me, Unravel yourself as a miracle to the masses

Marvel at the blinding sight of your gracious potential; when

asked to cast out your arrows

Cast them and

Do not stop until

You have made oceans of knowledge, made

Mountains in understanding, and

Wisdom as countless as the sand on the seashore.

Be rest assured

That dreams are not made only for movies, your

possibility does not hide in the dream itself, rather

It is unravelled in you as the miracle to the masses.

Day Four ❤️

Dear me,

Boast in the God made weakness of your lips, love the stutters from your mouth.

They are not delay thoughts neither are they uttered from a place of confusion but simply waves of prayers pushing against the current of your throat.

Like the world would be at a disservice unless your very tongue is ushered out sequentially.

Your stutters are beautiful, never stop.

Instead let it be prove of how much faith you have in God.

Use it to remind yourself that your every breath is worship to God

And your words will one day be used as an instrument to bring the source of light to people.

Day One ❤️

Dear me,

I want you to remember me so the world can remember me.

I want you to love me so I can give and receive love.

I want you to impact me so I can impact the world.

God has you on this journey of investing in yourself and in the days you forget, remember this….


Ethiopia and many other nations were traded for You by God.

You are the epitome of LOVE because you are made in God’s image.

Take down those masks you are in such a hurry to put on.

Lay it aside


Your body is not quicksand for your soul.

Recognise your OWN face.

Wear it and ask yourself.

‘What do I want to say?’