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HOLLUP!!! Mr.Brain

Throw in dash of herpetophobia into the mix and pesto – you are inside my head.



I’m sitting at my somewhere trying to say something. Just one thing…then two…then three things. Then it’s all jumbled up in my head. I try to line them up, you come first, then you, then you follow, then the rest. But No! They’ll have none of that…they all want to come first. Tsk! so then I get confused .I shut up.
I try to think- but my head is filled with stacks and stacks of unfinished thoughts.So I try NOT to think, I close my eyes to stare at the darkness -but even that doesn’t work- I see doodles ,splashes of color and all manner of uninteresting shapes and forms. Finally, I manage to fall asleep…im thinking, “oooh yeah !,Im finally free”
But no! , im still sitting at my somewhere.
I dream…children running around the streets with guns, women crying in the streets, they are dragging a resisting fellow…

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PILOLOO…(the wisdom in a childhood game)


On days we weren’t tearing the neighborhoods dumpsters apart in search of empty cans and bottle tops to make tin cars,we played “Piloloo”. Its one of my fondest memories of my childhood days growing up in a small coastal town in Ghana, West Africa. Pililoo

it was a hide and seek kind of game, only in this case the hidden things we were to seek were carefully hidden sticks, not human beings so they were much harder to find. i remember the sheer excitement with which we scurried  to hide behind Anabelle’s wall followed gingerly by a  “guard” who’s job was to make sure we didn’t  peep while the “Master” of the game hid the sticks we would be looking for a few second later.

once the sticks were hidden, the “Master”  would shout  as loud as he or she can ,”Piloloooooo!!!”, and that’s when we  would run out of…

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I Have Not Actively Worked. I Have Sat Quietly.

Teri Carter's Library


In times like this, white people are quick to throw their hands up and dissociate themselves from racism and the person accused of the racist act. But how many of them can say they have actively worked to challenge the racism in the people around them? How many folks have sat quietly as Uncle Jimbo tells the story of the time he put that one nigger in his place at work?       ~~ Jamilah Lemieux, Ebony Magazine

Within minutes of seeing it, I send a message to his mother, my cousin. Have you seen your son’s new tattoo?

There is a flag. There is a noose. There are the words Southern Justice scrolled across.

 I’ve seen it, she says. But he just turned 18. He’s an adult. What am I supposed to do? I want to scream, You are supposed to act like his fucking mother! and You’re…

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If you’re scared to take chances you’ll never have the answers.

Idea Dibia

I am lazy.

I do not even refute it when people say it; I can sleep in my own pile of clothes, and be hungry when there’s foodstuff in plenty. But I’m always doing something: reading a book or article, listening to music, playing a game, replying e-mails, researching for some new design, chatting ad infinitum, etcetera.

Naturally, this goes against what I’ve planned to do. (Outlined in a previous post: here).

Last week, it occurred to me that I should probably make a plan/schedule. But I suck at following those. Decided to use post-it notes around my room and reminders on my phone.

But I do not think people are just lazy (for the sake of it). I think it is a product of being unsure or skeptical about either what to do or the result of doing the said thing. Your mind plays on you and makes…

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12 Struggles Only People In Their Early Twenties Will Understand

I HAD to reblog this post! This just ABSOLUTELY HITS the NAIL on the HEAD. I am in my early 20s and although your twenties is labelled as the decade to LIVE it up, be SPONTANEOUS, have FUN, be Selfish. However it is also the decade to step UP, be RESPONSIBLE, make DECISIONS, live out your CHOICES. This post sums everything into perspective.

The Perfect Piece


I went to visit my friend yesterday. I thought I was in Kent but I was really in Uxbridge (new lows of ignorance for me). It was so refreshing to get away from my world for the day; this week has been a challenging one in many ways. I haven’t been on a campus in almost two years so it felt strange being around students again. You know how students are just ‘up’ until the early hours of the morning without any real concern for the next day? Yeah, there’s a lecture but attendance is still a choice and there are no real consequences if the lecture is missed. I dare not sleep after 12pm these days (even that is living life on the edge) because my alarm is going off at 6.45am and my train is leaving at 7.40am and I need to be on it.

When did life become…

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