Weekly Favorites:

Every other week something inspirational, entertaining catches my eye and I share that interest with you

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Using poetry as a medium and my voice as the instrument, there are so many things I would love to see accomplished in my life. I have always spoken of my love for poetry and this year, I challenged myself to exercise my voice through this medium. Way past the four walls of my bedroom and the supportive ears of my friends and family alone. To push myself, invest in myself and to stand in my own self.

All that to say, I dedicate this cheeky weekly fav to an upcoming ‘Verse and Prose Presents – VS: A Spoken Word Competition’.

Verse and Prose is a Christian Creative organisation, which focuses on Spoken-Word Poetry. With aims to-

  1. Encourage people to live out their creative dreams by stepping outside of the norm,
    2. Introduce and showcase up and coming poets,
    3. Educate, entertain and uplift,
    4 Help make poetry a more recognised and respected art form.

Verse and Prose are holding a ‘VS: Spoken Word Competition’ on Thursday 29th June 2017. So, if you enjoy impactful Spoken word poetry & good music. Or interested in knowing what makes a good Spoken Word poem? Then, this event for you.

Edifying Spoken word show, with special performances by our judges:

– CalledOut Music

– John M D Mills &

– Thembe Mvula

And performances by:

-Emily Mutaako &

– Izzyy Eze

And Open Mic slots available at the end of the night. This is truly an event not to be missed!

So, come along to the quirky Café 1001 as 3 up and coming poets perform head to head, for a chance to win £100!

For more information, visit –  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/verse-and-prose-presents-vs-a-spoken-word-competition-tickets-34707073792


Longing for a Beautiful Place of Worship.


My very first cheeky weekly fav of 2017. I have been longing to get back into that beautiful place of worship with God. I stumbled on the beautiful sound of Elevation Worship.

Elevation Worship is formed of worshippers from Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pastored by Stephen Furtick. I would describe pastor Stephen himself as a meticulous pastor with a good sense of humour. His ongoing preaching series titled ‘Work Your Window‘ based on 1 Kings 19 has been thoroughly insightful and if you love your preaching with stories attached to it; check him out at ‘Elevation Church‘ via Youtube. Now unto the music.

The group has several albums out already but their ‘Here as in Heaven’ album is LEGIT! But here are my top 7 favourites:

Peace and Love


How to be a FALSE teacher 101.

I haven’t done a weekly favourite in what feels like forever, so in my attempt to celebrate my four year blogging anniversary; I thought ‘why not a cheeky weekly favourite!’. Better still, ‘why not a cheeky weekly poetry favourite!’.

I stumbled upon this poetry piece by Kevin Perry called ‘How to be a False Teacher 101’. It’s about Kevin’s admonishment to careless and manipulative ministers and shepherds of God’s people in a comical, yet convicting way. It has been on a constant replay in my head. Being a Christian myself meant I was unfortunately able to identify with some of the thing he spoke about in terms of my personal experiences and from other people’s ‘testimonies’.

I am in no way, shape or form promoting ‘false teacher-hood or bashing anyone’.

My personal walk with God, the different seasons and my purpose is teaching and shaping me to live a life opposite to that of a false life.

This is NOT the benchmark on which I gauge my honesty, faithfulness or obedience by (I’m rambling now) but honestly, it is an inspiring and convicting piece and I do hope you are not only blessed but encouraged by it.

“Alcatraz Of Balloons”

In my ‘Step into the shoes: Community Nurse‘ post I mentioned Miles Hodges, if you haven’t read it yet, Please….( https://writtenobsessions.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/step-into-the-shoes-community-nurse/ )

A huge part of my heart has been taken over by my love of poetry and one of my many inspirations is the fantastic group called the ‘Strivers Row’. Carvens Lissant , Joshua Bennett, Miles Hodges, Alysia Harris, Zora Howard and Jasmine Mans, as a collective, the Strivers Row shines so impeccably, I have never met people who makes misery sound like a bed of roses, who puts words like ‘gun shots’ and ‘serenade’ in the same sentence and make it sounds so beautiful, who finds class in ratchet, who finds love whilst falling, who falls into their insecurities and get back up tarnished, who isn’t confused by loving differently!

They recently streamed their show called ‘Anthology’ and I watched it online and can I just say B.R.A.V.O. It was exceptionally great and it surpass all my expectations. This piece I feel paints an understanding of who he is as a person. The man behind the mask and words so to speak.

I hope to find such comfort on a stage as well as he does.