Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Using poetry as a medium and my voice as the instrument, there are so many things I would love to see accomplished in my life. I have always spoken of my love for poetry and this year, I challenged myself to exercise my voice through this medium. Way past the four walls of my bedroom and the supportive ears of my friends and family alone. To push myself, invest in myself and to stand in my own self.

All that to say, I dedicate this cheeky weekly fav to an upcoming ‘Verse and Prose Presents – VS: A Spoken Word Competition’.

Verse and Prose is a Christian Creative organisation, which focuses on Spoken-Word Poetry. With aims to-

  1. Encourage people to live out their creative dreams by stepping outside of the norm,
    2. Introduce and showcase up and coming poets,
    3. Educate, entertain and uplift,
    4 Help make poetry a more recognised and respected art form.

Verse and Prose are holding a ‘VS: Spoken Word Competition’ on Thursday 29th June 2017. So, if you enjoy impactful Spoken word poetry & good music. Or interested in knowing what makes a good Spoken Word poem? Then, this event for you.

Edifying Spoken word show, with special performances by our judges:

– CalledOut Music

– John M D Mills &

– Thembe Mvula

And performances by:

-Emily Mutaako &

– Izzyy Eze

And Open Mic slots available at the end of the night. This is truly an event not to be missed!

So, come along to the quirky Café 1001 as 3 up and coming poets perform head to head, for a chance to win £100!

For more information, visit –


12. To London.

Whenever I am reminded of you

My rolls sink deeper into each other as if they haven’t been acquainted for years

The ten year old girl in me no longer stays up to listen to the roar that forms from the innermost parts of you.

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded that human oppression is your functioning asset

The labour of my hands will never be enough for you that I am merely a fragment of the many men, women, children, thots, gigolos and harlots that pay to feed you.

Whenever I am reminded of you

My religion shivers into the self-belief system of equality as it and you both stand in unity

My womanhood thank you for responding to the unheard questions of the slit in between my thighs.

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded of how much I loathe summertime

Of how beauty is deemed subjective, yet nearly all your folks would nail my body to the cross if they could

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded of the four ages we spent apart

Rejoicing over the countless prayers that my heart won’t grow any fonder towards you

Whenever I am reminded of you

The consuming pressure of pattering feet never stops pattering, the roaming pestilence

I am reminded that before anything else we are judged as pigs and cows being lead to the slaughter house

Whenever I am reminded of you

Your role as the thief never changes, stealing a child’s dream

Your sympathy is never as long or genuine as you desire it to be

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded of the lost travellers, the roads left untraveled

The uncertainty, the pigeon holes, my first lust

The edification of the mind that proves challenging even for the shrewd ones.

The never taken test of intelligence

The underserving survival packs ready to be handed down through generations as a golden ticket for a job not done

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded that your warmest of days will never be enough to pay in kinds the cold blooded husbands, sons and boys

The pool for pickings of which I shall birth

The memories of fabricated dreams dealt when they were never a fair deal to begin with

Whenever I am reminded of you

I am reminded of the new traces of freedmen and appetites that arouse my gratitude

Troubled by the habitual traces of freedmen and appetites driving my forced man into death

Whenever I am reminded of you

The question of if we were ever a match to begin with plays trivia in my head

If I will ever be open enough to fall in love with you again

Only time will tell the tale of our test